Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Back to MTT's

After a short period of sailing unknown waters, I came bak to the roots with some results. I start playing again MTT's, especially short handed formats like 6-max and 4-max, where I had the best results so far.

last week I have made a final table at 3,3 USD 6-max MTT on PokerStars, and some minor cashes, including Sunday Storm.

I have planned to play as much Micromillions Events as I could, but the schedule wasn't on my taste.

For example, till sunday I don't have much events to play, so I will focus on my professional life, because I have a lot of stuff to read and some scientific articles to write.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back to blogging

My enthusiasm was fading in the last 2 months. I had great plans for 2014 and I feel a little bit disappointing about how the thing are going.

First of all I ended 2013 with a small profit at cash games and I cashed out the entire sum. After this I deposited on PokerStars right from January 1st with the intention to play for Supernova this year.

I intended to play 6-max SnG hypers starting from 1,5 USD with a decent roll (I thought), 150 USD.
After merely 1000 games  I was down 100 BIs with 60 BI's under EV (WTF is this EV when you analyze your decisions with ICMIZER?)

I've never experienced such a bad run so far and I felt a vacation is the best thing I can do. Perhaps a Live tournament can help me overcome this black period.

I don't know how Katherina or Andre can play these games, but I'm already sick and tired of them.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

5k deal update: The end

I give up!  19th August was the day when I made the first cut of the deal. My investors took 145 USD after 1k games played, and I start playing for the next stage, 2k games.
I was a little bit dissapointed because deep down inside of me I was hoping they will force me to go up in limits. I understood the game at 1,5 KO 90 ppl and 2,5 USD 90 ppl and I wanted badly to move forward. 4,5 USD 180 ppl was my target.
Their investment was only 30 USD and 5-6 hours of coaching (4-5 situations every coaching session). The money for micros aren't a problem for me. I allways had bankroll to play micros. The issue here is I never grew in limits because I cashed out every winning I had.
So I decided yesterday to close this deal immediately.
I will continue my path to becoming shark without their support, playing MTT's every saturday and sunday and grinding cash NL 10 from monday till friday every week.
Since the last cut I played especially tournaments from the money won at freerolls (SilverStar VIP weekly 30k GTD).

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

5k deal update: Volume volume volume

Apparently in my last blog post I was mistaking about the number of games. I wrote 0,8k games, but I observed theese days I reached this number only this week.
My bad :)
In the last month I played rarely, but every time I did it i was looking to play as much as I can.
For example. Since 1st of August I played 210 games (we talking about slow SnG's with 15 mins blind level) with 65 USD profit.
It's kind of a bad result since I consider this games very easy.
I intend to reach 1k games next week and close the first part of the deal. We gonna split the profit and move on to the next phase, 2k games with 60/40 cuts in the favor of the backer.
We will see how things evolve. My goal is to play as soon as possible 4,5 USD 180 ppl SnG's and MTT's.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

5k deal: First update

It's been quite a while since the moment I begin playing sit and go's on staking and coaching. According to SharkScope, after 841 games I have a small profit and an average ROI of 10,6%. That's very low because the limits I've played, 1,5 USD KO 90 ppl and 2,5 USD 90 ppl on, are incredible easy to beat. The field consists in recreational players and weak regulars.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

New deal

It's been a while since my last blog post, but considering this blog is, in general, about my poker career, I have an explanation for this writing break.
Since march I've played occasionally MTT's, but without extraordinary results.

This week I managed to close a deal regarding both coaching and staking with a good stable, and i feel confident may game will improve.

The deal is for 5k games, Sit and Go's slow on PokerStars. I will start with those 1,5 USD 90 ppl KO and I hope to grew till I can play 4,5 USD 180 ppl.

In the mean time my statistics on SharkScope were reset and starting today the deal is ongoing.

I will keep the track of this challenge on this blog.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The days after a Micromillions boost

In the very first day of Micromillions 4 and I had two deep runs, which help me to boost my micro-bankroll.

This Micromillions series started incredibly well for me. In the first 3 events played I developed a solid game and I was able to make a deep run. If the Event #1 was a madness rebuy tournament, where I had a lot of bad situations and coolers, the other two events from Thursday were perfect.

I had a stack and time to play. In the event #3, 6-max NLHE, I finished 938 from more than 41k players, a good result rewarded with only 23,65 USD. But money wasn't that important. The morale boost gained after this tourney was the real prize.

In the same time I had Event #4, Zoom MTT, undergoing and there the things were all the time under control. At one moment I was even in Top 10 chip count, but finally I've ended up 92 and cashed in more than 100 USD.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Micromillions sidebet

I just found out about an interesting sidebet organized by Giovanni regarding Micromillions. Unfortunately it was too late for me to take part to this, but I'll keep a track of my results same time with my fellows ei8htyei8ht, mfcrocker, maedchen80, cardkaahleesi, hollbeans, Roar@me.

From WBCOOP to MicroMillions

WBCOOP is just finished and I have the opportunity to play another series on PokerStars, Micromillions.

I found this online poker festival perfectly created for my bankroll needs, and I'm very happy each time is scheduled. For this edition I'm planning to play as much events as I can. I allready have 2 tickets won at WBCOOP, which I can use for 5,5 USD tournaments.

Today I have two events included in my schedule: Event 1 - rebuy madness for 0,10 USD, Event 3 - 6-max 3,3 USD and Event 4 - 5,5 USD Zoom.

Good luck to all of you participating in this events!

Monday, March 11, 2013

WBCOOP Day 10: The last day and the last ticket

One more ticket grabed and this years WBCOOP ends en fanfare for me.

I've spend my sunday afternoon, yesterday, playing poker like I do since 2010 most of the time. This week I was concentrated on WBCOOP. I played few tables and I kept focus on two main tournaments Event 28 and Event 29. In the same time I tried and managed to qualify for the Sunday Storm twice from my favorite satelitte, 2,2 USD SnG 36 man, with 100% success ratio.